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Citrix ShareFile

Fort Lauderdale, USA

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North America, South America, Europe

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Citrix VDR is an online environment to manage complex executive-level business deals. The portal provides highly controlled user access. Administrators can be notified of activity alerts on a document at any time. Documents are fully secured with sharing controls, view-only reading, and various other restrictive functions. The user interface is designed for simplicity so that IT and non-IT users alike can utilize it easily.

What does Citrix ShareFile do best?

Citrix ShareFile reviews highlight many strengths of the platform. Notifications are popular with administrators. This gives the ability to see instantly when a file is being accessed. It also provides details such as where in the world the file is being viewed. The amount of time the reader spends on a document or individual pages is also tracked. 

Here are some of the best attributes of Citrix ShareFile:

  • The option to share large files with access controls
  • Confirmation when a user has received and read a document
  • Cloud storage to securely host and collaborate on files
  • Automation of workflows to give admins optimal efficiency and control
  • Efficient uploads and syncing. This enables users to bulk-upload hundreds of files. Citrix Files runs as a plugin to Microsoft Outlook to make this process even simpler.
  • An offline archive is provided in DVD format by Citrix for each completed project. This ensures online and offline backup for all deals to satisfy audit requirements.

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Citrix ShareFile features

The main features of Citrix VDR are:

  • Advanced data security. The solution benefits from watermarking on documents and read-only access to files. This means fully granular control over data.
  • Full auditing and reporting. These features provide detailed records of user activity within the portal. Administrators can set up notifications when a user views a file or when a new document is uploaded for them to view.
  • Simple file access. It enables users to locate and open files easily. Full indexing and powerful text search capability mean users can view all files in the cloud.

Citrix ShareFile solutions

The Citrix VDR data room enables highly confidential M&As and other board-level deals to take place with complete confidence. These deals can include fundraising, licensing agreements, and strategic partnerships. Citrix VDR provides solutions for the following professionals to collaborate on high-level transactions:

  • Executives and c-suite
  • Business consultants and brokers
  • Wealth managers and financial advisers
  • Public sector contractors
  • Brokers and deal-makers
  • Investors and VCs

Companies in high-tech, biotech, and other common M&A industries most frequently use a Citrix VDR.