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Donnelley Financial Solutions

Chicago, USA

Market Presence:
North America

Year Founded:


Donnelley Financial Solutions are virtual data rooms that have been on the market since 1983. Customers tend to trust experienced salespeople who know their business and can meet their requirements. Over the years, this provider is well-versed in conducting transactions and delivering quality services. As a result, DFIN’s customer base is large enough and keeps growing. The platform is ready to provide solutions even at the most critical moments.

Why do companies choose DFIN? At the moment, there are many virtual instruments available with a different set of functions. However, this virtual data room does not lose popularity. That is because businesses are interested in a versatile tool with maximum performance. Donnelley Financial Solutions is artificial intelligence, automated systems, prediction of user actions. Due to this, all employees have more time. Actions that were previously performed manually by a person are now performed by the platform. Organizing data, sorting folders, searching for a file in a few seconds – this and much more happens quickly and effortlessly. Client companies share their experience in the virtual data room. It is worth noting that managers and their teams have been “refreshed” since the platform appeared. A modern tool reorganizes the work of the entire team. It makes you look at business in a new way and keep up with the leading organizations of the world.


  • Integrated Microsoft Office. You work with documents right on the platform.
  • Administrators control access. Some restrictions prevent harmful actions and logging in by third parties. Unauthorized users have no chance to enter the database.
  • Q&A module.
  • Encryption protects all types of data. Without special encryption keys, no one can view the document.
  • Watermarks protect the intellectual property rights of DFIN customers. These marks are customizable.
  • Auto-indexing.
  • Control for managers with no limits. The platform records all actions and provides a report to administrators.
  • Technical support. The team gives a helping hand at the first request of the client.


Initial public offering. The first step towards becoming a joint-stock company is finding investment banks. These are professional underwriters who bring companies to the stock market. The experience of joint-stock companies shows that a lot depends on the preparation. The platform owns everything necessary for this operation. The developers have foreseen all stages of the transaction. They implemented tools to ease the deals. ActiveDisclosure allows colleagues to collaborate regardless of their location.

Mergers and acquisitions. Artificial intelligence cuts data preparation time. File exchange is in a protected space. Both parties are sure that the deal will be carried out at a high level. The platform has four levels of protection. 24/7 support assists the parties at any stage. A proxy server protects and balances the load on the visited resource. It adds a level of security between the protected resource and external traffic. Thus, attackers cannot connect to the server where your data is.


Security is a matter of principle for all companies in the world. In the event of a leak, one may suffer from irreparable damage. Developers have kept their customers safe and are continuing to implement security controls. If the virtual data room only requires a password for authorization, then this tool is not reliable. DFIN prefers multi-factor authentication. That significantly reduces the likelihood of being hacked.

256-bit encryption protects both data and communications on the platform. The managers themselves can prevent unwanted actions by having a tool for tracking activity. All your staff is in plain sight. Virus scanning is a system for identifying a lot of malware. Each virus has a unique code. The DFIN program knows about most of them. That is why in the event of an attack, the virtual data room reports the danger. The data is safe and sound. The provider complies with strict HIPAA standards, which confirms the quality of services and customer support.