03, February 2022

Virtual Data Room Pricing in 2022

As the flow of sensitive data seems endless these days, virtual data rooms have become an invaluable tool for most companies — especially large organizations. Hence, the value of the global VDR market is ever-growing and is expected to reach $3.63 billion by 2026.

No wonder the current global VDR market is full of various offers. However, going through providers’ websites, you might notice that their prices differ widely, even though they seem to provide similar features. 

Why does virtual data room pricing vary so broadly? What factors affect its pricing structure? What’s a reasonable price for a VDR currently? How much do the most popular VDR platforms cost? In this article, we provide some answers to these questions.

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Features that influence virtual data room pricing

1. Security level

The security of the virtual data room is of the essence. It is the primary reason why organizations choose to conduct deals with the help of a VDR. Logically, more security and technological features mean a higher price.

Be ready to pay more if you need highly secure solutions for your data transactions. Therefore, you shouldn’t be surprised by virtual data room pricing if you desire such VDR features:

  • data encryption
  • secure fence view
  • dynamic watermarks
  • built-in virus scanner
  • secure document storage
  • authentication technology
  • API integrations

2. Number of projects, visitors, and administrators

Virtual data room pricing differs depending on how many operations clients need to conduct. Therefore, if they use a VDR for more than one M&A activity, the price will increase. Usually, providers offer different pricing plans, where some of them give access to several projects.

The number of users has a similar effect on VDR pricing. Due to the increase in the amount of surveillance technology that is involved in their operation, platform prices may be higher.

3. Data and project management

A VDR is not only about security. It’s also about how convenient a platform is for managing data and projects. The ability to streamline a process is one of the essential aims of a virtual data room. Therefore, the availability of such solutions results in an increase in VDR pricing.

VDRs are especially valuable with project management software, as they allow companies not only to store and share their data but also to communicate more effectively. Specifically, it helps to organize the workflow and upcoming steps. A VDR assists with improving internal and external stages, as well.

4. Functionality

Undoubtedly, the more features a VDR platform offers, the more it will cost you. Thus, many companies provide several pricing plans, so you don’t have to pay for features your company doesn’t need. For example, a small-sized business doesn’t need to pay for an unlimited number of projects.

Also, it’s important to pay attention to the specific features some providers offer with their least expensive plans. For example, Interlinks company uses AI-powered services, which is reflected in their high prices.

5. Storage size

This feature is especially important for some vendors, as their pricing model is based on it. The more gigabytes of online storage a company uses, the pricier the plan. Also, it is crucial to know if the VDRs limit the number of gigabytes — exceeding the amount of storage capacity may incur additional fees. 

How much should a VDR cost in 2022? 

Besides the above price affecting features, there is one more equally important aspect related to virtual data room pricing — a pricing plan. Depending on their plan, businesses may face unnecessarily large monthly invoices — or they’ve made a wise investment. 

Each vendor decides on a virtual data room pricing structure. Typically, they choose one of these four types of VDR pricing plans:

  • Per-page

Some VDRs, primarily expensive ones like Intralinks, choose this pricing model. Depending on how big the project is, it might cost companies between $0.40 and $0.80 per page. However, some VDRs may charge as much as $1 per page. 

Such a pricing option is not economical for large companies as they can end up paying huge invoices — perhaps as much as $25,000. However, it still might be a good option for small companies with a fixed number of documents. 

  • Per-user

Some providers offer their clients a limited number of users, which means additional users are extra. Commonly, such a VDR costs between $100 and $250 per user. However, this number significantly differs depending on the provider.

  • Storage size

Similar to the previous pricing plan, this one limits the number of gigabytes for a data room. Generally, VDRs offer either a set number or a range. In case of overages, it may cost as much as $75 per gigabyte. If a company only needs a small amount of data storage, this option may be suitable.

  • Flat fee

This VDR pricing plan is currently the most popular, and that is no surprise. It offers a combination of data sizes, pages, and users, charging between $500 and $1000 per month. Many popular VDRs choose this pricing model, including iDeals, Caplinked, and DealRoom.

Why might it be the best variant for you? Sometimes, projects can change, particularly in size, duration, or the number of elements. In that case, paying a flat monthly fee saves you from unexpected invoices. 

Pricing of the best virtual data room providers

Company namePricing planFree trialPrice
iDeals Monthly subscription Yes, 30 daysInquire for quote 
IntralinksPer-pageNoInquire for quote 
Datasite Per-pageNoInquire for quote
BlackBerry Workspaces Monthly subscription YesFrom $15/user/month 
BrainLoopMonthly subscription YesInquire for quote
OnehubMonthly subscription Yes, 14 daysFrom $15/user/month  
CapLinkedMonthly subscription YesFrom $149/month 
ForDataMonthly subscription Yes, 14 daysFrom €165/month 
AnsaradaMonthly subscription Storage size Yes, 14 daysFrom €39/user/month From $399/250 MB/month
ShareVaultMonthly subscription YesInquire for quote

1. iDeals Solutions pricing 

The company offers three pricing plans:

  • Pro — one project, five administrators, unlimited guest users, and a storage of 10 GB maximum for small and mid-size projects with a 30-day free trial.
  • Business — one project, five administrators, guest users, and a storage of 250 GB maximum for small and middle projects with a 30-day free trial.
  • Enterprise — multiple projects, unlimited administrators, guest users, and flexible storage with a dedicated project team for large projects.

For full pricing details, please visit the company’s website. 

2. Intralinks pricing 

Intralinks offers a 30-day free trial. However, they don’t share their pricing information publicly, contact the company for a personalized quote. 

According to online reviews, the price of the company’s services starts at $25 per month. Generally, Intralinks is known as a more expensive VDR provider. 

3. Merrill / Datasite pricing 

This is one more company that is known as a premium segment provider. There are no pricing details available on its website, please contact the company for a personalized quote.

4. BlackBerry Workspaces pricing 

The company offers three pricing plans with no price details:

  • Send — for individual needs in online file sharing
  • Collaborate — for small business size in short-term projects
  • Secure Plus — for mid-size business in short- and long-term projects

According to customer reviews, prices start from $15/user/month.

5. BrainLoop pricing 

The company offers a free trial period. For pricing information, please sign up on their website and provide your company details for a personalized quote.

6. OneHub pricing 

The company provides four pricing plans with a 14-day free trial:

  • Standard plan — $15/user/month ($12.50 if billed annually) 
  • Advanced — $25/user/month ($20 if billed annually) 
  • Data Room Edition — $375/month ($300 if billed annually) 
  • Unlimited Edition — $575/month ($500 if billed annually)

7. CapLinked pricing 

The company offers two pricing plans for teams and enterprises:

  • Team Plan — $149/month with a free trial period
  • Enterprise — please contact the company for a personalized quote

8. ForData pricing 

The company offers three pricing plans with a 14-day free trial and the option of a personal plan:

  • VDR Light — €165/month (€162 if billed annually) 
  • VDR Basic — please contact the company for a personalized quote

VDR PRO — please contact the company for a personalized quote

9. Ansarada pricing 

The company provides two types of pricing models:

  • Flat monthly fee with a 14-day free trial:
    • 90° — €39/user/month
    • 180° — €99/user/month
    • 360° — please contact the company for a personalized quote
  • Storage size: starting from $399/250 MB/month

10. ShareVault pricing 

The company offers three pricing plans with a free trial:

  • ShareVault Express — please contact the company for a personalized quote
  • ShareVault Pro — please contact the company for a personalized quote
  • ShareVault Enterprise — please contact the company for a personalized quote